OceanCare has joined the Mission Blue alliance which is led by the legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle. Mission Blue inspires, empowers and supports organisations and individuals working towards a global network of marine protected areas – Hope Spots. These Hope Spots are nominated special places where protection is considered critical to restore the health of the ocean, the blue heart of the planet.

One such Hope Spot is the Balearic Islands, where OceanCare has been calling for the designation of the Whale Migration Corridor as a Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI) as species such as fin, sperm, pilot and Curviers beaked whales need greater protection from threats such as underwater noise generated by oil and gas exploration.

OceanCare is delighted to be part of the Mission Blue alliance which unites more than 200 ocean conservation groups and like-minded organizations, inspiring an upwelling of public awareness and support for ocean conservation.

We must protect the ocean as if our lives depend upon it – because they do.

Sylvia Earle