Joan Gonzalvo, Ph.D.Leader Ionian Dolphin Project

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Research expedition: Protecting Dolphins in Greece

Work side by side with our researchers and help with the daily surveys of marine animal sightings on the Eastern Ionian Sea during this research expedition.

During your stay you will be part of the scientific Ionian Dolphin team focused on the study and conservation of marine mammals. You will work side-by-side with researchers and conduct daily surveys at sea. You will get to know dolphins and seals, actively contribute to field data collection and, back at the field station, help download and process digital photos (photo-identification).

Ionian Dolphin Project

The Ionian Dolphin Project aims to ensure the long-term viability of dolphins and monk seals living in coastal waters of the eastern Ionian Sea.

For three decades over 1,500 non-specialist enthusiasts of marine conservation have participated in the Ionian Dolphin Project citizen-science program.

You can also join the program and have an amazing experience, while fuelling their research and science-based conservation initiatives.

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Photo: Tethys