For the next three weeks I will dedicate my time to the dolphins near Japan who are at risk of being hunted and butchered for their meat or sold to the captivity industry. The small fishing village Taiji is known worldwide for the brutal dolphin drive hunts that happen every year from September 1st through March. Together with my Co-Monitor, Hans Peter Roth, I will be updating the world on what is going on at the Taiji cove so that acts of cruelty will not go unseen.

We will arrive in Taiji on October 14th, which happens to be Ric O’Barry’s 76th Birthday. Ric O’Barry has since 1970 worked hard to end all captivity of dolphins, an industry he regretfully contributed to in his younger days as a dolphin trainer for the popular TV-series Flipper. Signing up as a Cove Monitor for Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project is my way of saying thank you to this man of compassion and a modest effort to change the destiny of dolphins.

I look very much forward to experience the beauty of Japan and the friendliness of the Japanese people that I have heard so much about. At the same time I fear what I may have to witness. Nobody knows when a hunt will happen. It could well be days or even weeks between hunts. And perhaps the weather will be so bad that the fishermen will not even attempt to go out to find dolphins.

I just know that in case of a ‘Red Cove’ day my heart will hurt – as it hurts when pilot whales are slaughtered on my home islands, the Faroe Islands. The water turns red with blood from the innocent lives taken and all I can do is hope and pray that people will finally realize that these acts of killing are merciless and unnecessary.

Many thanks to OceanCare for financially supporting this volunteer endeavor.

Stay tuned for updates from the ground in Taiji.

By supporting OceanCare you are supporting dolphins around the world. By not buying a ticket to a dolphin show and by informing the uninformed you are making a difference. Thank you for what you do for dolphins.

Marna Frida Olsen volunteers as a Cove Monitor in Taiji. She regularly shares her impressions with OceanCare.

Copyrights: Marna Frida Olsen / Hans Peter Roth