Silent Oceans campaign

In many marine areas, levels of human-generated noise have doubled every decade for the past 60 years. For marine animals this has been a life-threatening trend. OceanCare has launched the ‘Silent Oceans’ international campaign to call for the protection of marine animals from ocean noise pollution.

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Be part of the international campaign against ocean noise pollution.
Extreme sound events can lead to marine animals fleeing from valuable habitats.


What are the sources of ocean noise? Background info on the causes.


Strandings, collisions and abandoning habitats – ocean noise is a threat to marine life.
Pottwal Südfrankreich

10 Step Blueprint

Ten claims to protect marine animals from ocean noise.


Since 2002, OceanCare strives for silence in the oceans.
Ankunft in Barbados


Janice Jakait rowed across the Atlantic Ocean to support the Silent Oceans campaign.

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