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My Journey to Ghost Gear

Jenna Schwerzmann is the first Joanna Toole Intern. Dedicated to Joanna Toole, who was a champion in marine conservation and animal welfare and tragically lost her life in the March 2019 Ethiopian Airlines crash. The internship is hosted by Ocean Conservancy, the Center for Coastal Studies, the Joanna Toole Foundation and OceanCare, and seeks to support women in conservation.

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A Guide to marine debris

Marine and beach littering constitutes a worrying environmental footprint of humankind. And while plastic pollution and wasteful use of disposable plastics and throw-away products is increasingly being discussed in the public, the real problem is much more complex. Austrian marine biologist Dr. Michael Stachowitsch is taking on this pressing environmental problem in his new book “The Beachcomber’s Guide to Marine Debris” – with a good sense of humour.

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The fate of whales

The recent fate of two whales once again highlights how it is influenced by us humans. The one, a young sperm whale, was spotted in June north of Sicily, entangled in fishing gear. The other, an adult female fin whale, was first sighted on the eastern coast of Greece...

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An Urgent Reminder: Climate Change As A Security Threat

When scientists first unravelled the evidence of human-induced changes to the environment in the 1970s it was in most cases dismissed as an environmental issue only worthy of marginal attention. It was certainly not until the 1990s that the international community...

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