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European whales and dolphins “Under Pressure” of extinction

In theory, whales and dolphins are among the best protected wild animals in the world. But in reality all 33 cetacean species, living in European waters, face a menacing array of threats, as the new report UNDER PRESSURE by OceanCare shows.

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What may protect us…
… harms the sea.

Our health is important and the need for the masks is undisputed. Our well-being, however, is also depended on the health of the planet, which we are currently endangering with our personal protective equipment.

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New Report addresses Europe’s role in deep-sea mining

‘At a crossroads: Europe’s role in deep-sea mining’ a new report published today by Seas At Risk (SAR), an umbrella organisation of environmental NGOs from across Europe, exposes the role played by the European Union and its Member States, as well as the UK and Norway...

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Japan’s Fixed Net Whaling

~Leah Lemieux   Over Christmas of 2020, Japanese activists stationed in Taiji became aware that a young Minke whale approximately 5m, had become trapped in fixed nets just offshore from the town harbor. Like much of Japan’s coastline, the Taiji coast is a complicated...

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