About OceanCare

Together through stormy times

Within a few weeks, our everyday life has changed completely. As most people, we are also working from home. The commitment to the oceans, however, remains unchanged. Our work is only possible thanks to the support of our donors. We are very grateful that so many have remained at our sides, even during difficult times.

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It’s only thanks to the generous support by people like you that we can protect the habitat of marine wildlife.

Plastic debris in the oceans

Plastic waste poisons marine animals, blocks their intestines or strangles them to death. The edutainment video “Plastic debris in the oceans” puts the cause and consequence of the plastic and microplastic issue in a nutshell. Did you know that 80% of marine plastic debris is land-based and finds its way via wind and rivers to the oceans? We urgently need to rethink our daily handling of plastics: reduce, remove, recycle!

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Underwater noise

Since 2002 OceanCare has taken steps to reduce noise pollution, caused by the military, the oil and gas industry and by the shipping traffic (silent oceans campaign). Especially in the Mediterranean, OceanCare has contributed to protect marine mammals from this form of pollution.

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740 dolphins fell victim to the drive hunts in Japan

March 1st is a pleasant day not only as the first day of meteorological spring, but also because it marks the end of the drive hunt season in Taiji, Japan. In this coastal fishing village, boats drive dolphins into a cove every winter. These drives alone are dreadful...

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