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OceanCare is committed to marine wildlife protection. Since 2011 with Special Consultative Status on marine issues with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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It’s only thanks to the generous support by people like you that we can protect the habitat of marine wildlife.

The Abidjan Aquatic Wildlife Partnership is focussed on increasing the awareness and action of governments, the private sector and local communities in West and Central Africa, to slow and reverse the over-harvesting of aquatic mammals, reptiles and birds for human consumption, trade, fishing bait or other uses.

The Partnership was established following the 12th Conference of the Parties to the Abidjan Convention in March 2017 where a decision was taken to invite relevant parties to form a non-binding, multi-stakeholder partnership, led by the Abidjan Convention Secretariat and to develop an action plan to combat the trade, consumption and other uses of aquatic species, including Aquatic Endangered, Threatened or Protected (A-ETP) species across the region.

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OceanCare attends CMS COP13 from 15 – 22 February 2020, Gandhinagar, India: Biodiversity loss is one of the most pressing global environmental crisis of our time. Wildlife and ecosystems are being wiped out at unprecedented pace. Together with representatives from around 130 States and civil society, we want to find ways on how to save wild animals from extinction

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New research findings emphasise the call for quieter oceans

Actually, we don’t need any more studies to prove that underwater noise has a negative impact on whales, but new research underscores the already loud call for quieter oceans. Two current studies look into the effects of noise on beaked whales and minke whales. Beaked...

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UN Conference starts in India to protect wild animals

Civil Society needs to play a more significant role in international decision-making to avert devastating species loss Wädenswil/Gandhinagar, 16th February 2020: From 17th to 22nd February 2020, around 2.500 Delegates from 130 states, intergovernmental organisations...

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