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Oil spill disaster in Mauritius

The oil spill disaster in Mauritius is a chronicle of failure. Three days after the cargo was sunk in the sea, melon-headed whales began to strand.

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Protection from viruses through plastic?

Does plastic food packaging protect against COVID-19? We asked the Food Packaging Forum Foundation.

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Ghost Fishing: Alarming situation in the Mediterranean Sea

During a 90-day survey in 2019 in cooperation with our partner organisation Save the Med Foundation in the waters of the Cabrera National Park (near the island of Mallorca), 122 Ghost FADs (floating fishing gear such as nets and fishing lines) have been recovered....

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An Urgent Reminder: Climate Change As A Security Threat

When scientists first unravelled the evidence of human-induced changes to the environment in the 1970s it was in most cases dismissed as an environmental issue only worthy of marginal attention. It was certainly not until the 1990s that the international community...

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