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OceanCare is committed to marine wildlife protection. Since 2011 with Special Consultative Status on marine issues with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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No sharks for Sinsheim

There are plans to construct a shark adventure aquarium in Sinsheim, a town in south-western Germany. Sign our petition to the mayor and the city council of Sinsheim and help us protect sharks from being subjected to a sad existence in an aquarium.

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Import ban for animal trophies

Sign our petition calling on the Swiss Parliament to ban the import and transit of hunting trophies. More than 700 polar bears a year fall victim to the hunters’ bullets in Canada alone. Many trophies, like heads, hides and other body parts, end up as decoration in the hunters’ homes.

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Appeal to protect Antarctica

The seas around Antarctica are the most untouched ocean environment left on Earth. They are home to almost ten thousand different animal species. But humankind is encroaching even upon these remote areas, posing a number of threats.

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Plastic debris in the oceans

Plastic waste poisons marine animals, blocks their intestines or strangles them to death. The edutainment video “Plastic debris in the oceans” puts the cause and consequence of the plastic and microplastic issue in a nutshell. Did you know that 80% of marine plastic debris is land-based and finds its way via wind and rivers to the oceans? We urgently need to rethink our daily handling of plastics: reduce, remove, recycle!


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Hundreds of whales survive tragic mass stranding in New Zealand

One of the largest mass strandings of cetaceans seems to have ended by Sunday, 12th of February, 2017. Since Friday, about 670 pilot whales stranded at Farewell Spit on New Zealand’s South Island. Some 320 of these marine mammals seem to have survived, while at least...

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Advice to students and applicants

From time to time we receive emails from students and other candidates who apply for internships, or as field assistants. At OceanCare we have very few positions available and unfortunately we are forced to say no most of the time. However, should any position become...

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