Ocean Conservation

Underwater noise

In many marine areas, man-made noise has doubled with every decade in the past 60 years – a life-threatening development for life under water. With the campaign “Silent Oceans” OceanCare wants to ensure the protection of marine life from underwater noise.

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Plastic pollution

It has been estimated that nine million tons of plastic waste find its way into the oceans every year. That is nearly one third of all plastic produced. About 20% of this waste originates from ships, while the bigger part is land-borne – carried to the sea by sewers, rivers, wind or tides.

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Chemical pollution

Toxins, entering the oceans through radioactivity, plastic or air pollution not only harms the marine animals. Consumers are also affected when eating fish or even dolphin or whale meat.



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Deep Sea Mining

The deep sea was one of the last largely untouched regions on earth. As our technology-driven society demands more and more resources and terrestrial resources become scarcer, mineral raw materials in the deep sea are increasingly gaining attention of industry. Extraction of these minerals will have devastating effects on marine ecosystems. OceanCare is therefore launching a new program.

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Habitat Ocean

About 70% of our planet is covered by oceans and seas. They are a source of food, way of transportation, oxygen producer, and more.