Orca: The Whale Called Killer (Erich Hoyt), handsigniert

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Buch von Autor Erich Hoyt in Englisch
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Erscheinungsjahr: 2019


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Killer whales were originally considered too dangerous to approach in the wild, but when Erich Hoyt and his colleagues spent seven summers in the 1970s following these intelligent and playful creatures in the waters off northern Vancouver Island, they garnered more than enough data to dispel the killer whale myth. First published in 1981 and now a revered classic, Orca: The Whale Called Killer is Hoyt’s exciting account of those youthful summers of adventure and discovery. In this new, updated fifth edition, Hoyt – now a world-renowned expert on whales and dolphins – offers fresh insights into the life history of the largest member of the dolphin family. Hoyt shares orca wisdom gleaned from decades of additional fiel study in the Russian Far East and return trips to Canada’s West Coast to visit with the descendants of the killer whales he encountered 45 years ago.


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