Petititon against trophy hunting

Trophy hunting

Petititon against animal trophies:
No imports and no transit through Switzerland!

Thousands of polar bears, lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and other animals, including of endangered species, are being killed every year by trophy hunters. This may jeopardise the survival of critical populations. Trophy hunting is unethical and is fostering illegal trade and corruption, which makes it all the more unacceptable.

Considering that

  • trophy hunting is killing the largest animals essential for species survival;
  • groups of animals lose their socially high-ranking characters, which may traumatise the other group members;
  • trophy hunting stimulates poaching and undermines the controls of international trade in endangered animal and plant species in accordance with CITES;
  • methods are used in trophy hunting that are intolerable from an animal rights and welfare point of view;
  • wildlife is even bred specifically for trophy hunting;
  • trophy hunting, which only serves to satisfy a desire to kill and to pose with the dead animals, is morally objectionable,

we, the undersigned, are deeply concerned that Switzerland permits imports of animal trophies.

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