Petition against the construction of a shark aquarium in Sinsheim

Shark in the ocean

Petition against the shark aquarium “The Seven Seas”:
No sharks for Sinsheim!

There are plans to construct a shark adventure aquarium in Sinsheim, a town in south-western Germany. The operating company has already applied for a building permit and plans to open the aquarium in 2017. Keeping sharks in an aquarium can in no way meet the animals’ species-specific and individual needs – irrespective of the tank’s size. The educational value of such an adventure aquarium is also very limited as the sharks cannot display natural behaviour in captivity. Lend your voice to those sharks that are threatened to be torn away from their natural habitat and be transferred to the aquarium, and help avert this highly questionable project.

Sharks are highly developed and intelligent animals. Their social life is differing from species to species. It’s not possible to provide a habitat meeting the species-specific needs in the planned aquarium “The Seven Seas”. Further, our knowledge of most shark species is very limited. According to the precautionary principle, we should abstain from keeping sharks in captivity. Part of the animals would be taken from the wild to be transported to Sinsheim, which is another reason for opposing the aquarium. The stress associated with the capture and transport of the animals is unacceptable.

In addition, the alleged educational value of the shark aquarium is highly questionable. The project is terming itself an “attraction” and “unique spectacle”, indicating that it is merely a commercial entertainment project. This is emphasized by plans to offer indoor diving as one of the main attractions. Imagine: Sharks are taken from their natural and infinite habitat, confined into a narrow concrete tank, and then even have to endure divers entering their cramped aquarium space several times a day.

OceanCare is therefore very critical of the planned shark aquarium in Sinsheim and suggests that the relevant authorities reject the project.

Sign on to our petition to the mayor and local council of Sinsheim and help protect sharks from being subjected to a sad existence in an aquarium!

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