Petition against dolphins as shark baits

Delphin als Haiköder

Petititon against dolphins as shark baits

Dear President Kuczynski,

Japan is being blamed by the international community for its cruel dolphin massacres – but I am shocked to hear that a similarly high number of dolphins (estimated at about 10-15.000 specimens a year) is killed in Peru and that these highly social and intelligent creatures end up as baits in fisheries!

I urge your Government to stop the slaughter of thousands of small cetaceans. This practice is unacceptable for three reasons:

  1. Firstly, dolphins are strictly protected by Peruvian law and any intentional injuring, hunting and consumption is prohibited since 1996.
  2. Secondly, dolphins are highly social and intelligent creatures and neither the cruelty of capture nor their use as shark baits should be tolerated.
  3. Thirdly, shark fisheries in Peru are also in violation with Peru’s legislation, as the proportion of undersized bodies is up to nine times higher than allowed – a strong signal that stocks are alarmingly overfished and that enforcement is poor.

Hence I politely urge you to pass an overdue ban on shark fishing, which would at the same time stop the dolphin slaughters and to ban the possession and use of harpoons. Those harpoons are only used for dolphin hunts – and as killing of dolphins is anyway illegal a harpoon ban is the only logical and overdue consequence. Stricter controls and appropriate fines are needed to deter fishermen from continuing the dolphin slaughters.

The fate of thousands of dolphins is in your hand. Please act. Now!

Yours sincerely,

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