Appeal to protect Antarctica


Appeal to protect Antarctica: Last frontier at stake

The seas around Antarctica are the most untouched ocean environment left on Earth. They are home to almost ten thousand different animal species. But humankind is encroaching even upon these remote areas, posing a number of threats.

OceanCare is part of the Antarctic Ocean Alliance (AOA), which campaigns for a network of marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean. AOA advocated that fisheries should be banned and crucial ecosystems and wildlife should be protected from human interference.

The body with the power to make such decisions is the Commission on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). Members of the Commission currently include 24 states and the European Union. CCAMLR was established in 1982 to conserve Antarctic marine life. It has previously agreed to create a series of protected area. In October 2016 the Commission achieved a first success: 24 states and the EU resolved on a marine protected area of 1.55 million square kilometres in the Ross Sea – the largest ever declared.

The AOA still keeps a close eye on CCAMLR’s work. Its campaign ‘Join the Watch’ makes it easy for citizens around the world to raise their voice and call on politicians to act consistently.

Please join the appeal to protect the Antarctic Ocean!

Dear CCAMLR Chair, Delegates and Secretariat,

I know that the Commission on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) has agreed to create a network of marine protected areas in the ocean around Antarctica. As a global citizen concerned about our environment I very much care about the decisions you are about to make.

As this area represents 10% of the world’s seas and is the most untouched ocean environment left on Earth, I have joined the Antarctic Ocean Alliance “Watch” to track CCAMLR’s developments on this throughout the year.

I call on CCAMLR to establish a large-scale network of marine protected areas and no-take marine reserves to protect Antarctic’s key ocean habitats while we still can. With growing threats from overfishing and climate change, I urge you to be as bold as those who, in 1991, protected Antarctica from minerals development. Please take action now to give her oceans the additional protection they need from the threats they now face.

As CCAMLR is a body that meets with limited public participation and no media access, I feel it’s important to speak out for these unique global commons areas and to call for the widest possible protection for Antarctica’s oceans. I’ll be watching, taking action and asking my networks to do the same.

Please do the right thing and protect Antarctica’s oceans for future generations.

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