Petition for worldwide shark protection

Sharks in the ocean

Petition for worldwide shark protection

Other than most fish species, many sharks reach maturity only at age of 10 years or older. Thus, they reproduce very slowly. This becomes fatal as people ruthlessly hunt sharks – for their fins, gills or meat or for making questionable drugs or dietary supplements out of their cartilage. Out of 500 shark species, 201 are on the red list of endangered species because of commercial overexploitation. We call on decision makers worldwide to speak up for efficient shark protection.

The petition is directed to the following international organisations and commissions: Committee on Fisheries (COFI), United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), and regional fisheries organisations dealing with fish stocks in the North-East Atlantic (NEAFC), North-West Atlantic (NAFO), South-East Atlantic (SEAFO), Southern Indian Ocean (SIOFA), South Pacific (SPFO), Mediterranean (GFCM), Western Central Atlantic (WECAFC), Eastern Central Atlantic (CECAF) and Antarctic (CCAMLR).

We call on these organisations to collaborate in a coordinated way and to ensure that agreed measures are enforced. Specifically we urge them to:

  • pass a comprehensive ban on finning
  • introduce regional close seasons
  • draw up sustainable and scientifically sound catch quota regulations
  • define species-specific minimum sizes

This shall serve the aim to curb shark hunting and overfishing in order to allow populations to recover.


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