Petition: End the Faroese Whale and Dolphin hunts!


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On the 12th September 2021 at least 1,428 Atlantic white-sided dolphins and dozens of juveniles were killed in one single mass killing event in the Faore Islands. This is the largest dolphin hunt in the islands’ history and possibly the largest single hunt ever undertaken worldwide. It happened in European waters at the doorstep of the European Union which grants these marine mammals the highest protection status and prohibits any direct takes.


Together we call for an end of these hunts!

Addressee: EU Commission and Governments of Member States of the European Union

I am deeply concerned and upset about the mass killing of dolphins in the Faroe Islands on September 12th this year and the continued practice of drive hunts in European waters.

I call on the EU Commission and governments of European Union Member States to engage in negotiations with the autonomic region of the Faroe Islands, as well as with the Kingdom of Denmark, Member of the EU, urging them to end the drive hunt, also known as “grindadrap”.

Such activities undermine all efforts to conserve and protect whales and dolphins in European waters and cannot be justified purely in the name of “tradition”.

​Support OceanCare’s call for

  • public condemnation of this hunt and engagement in bilateral and international negotiations towards ending the whale and dolphin hunts for good.
  • diplomatic Demarche in collaboration with other governments to stop the drive hunt with immediate effect.
  • Denmark to use its influence over the Faroes Islands to provide positive incentives for an end of the whale and dolphin killings as otherwise, it undermines the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the EU Biodiversity Strategy.
  • EU Members of the IWC to call for moratorium on direct hunts of all cetaceans in European waters for the upcoming IWC68 meeting.

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In the Faroe Islands, which are situated some 220 miles to the north of Scotland, drive hunts of long-finned pilot whales and other small cetaceans go back to the 16th century. Nowadays, whole schools of small whales are driven to the shore by fast boats and modern technology, ending in one of the cruellest practices, which causes extreme stress and suffering for these highly evolved and social animals.

Over the last 10 years, between 2011 and 2020, 7’533 long-finned pilot whales, 1’204 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, 21 Risso’s dolphin and 16 Common bottlenose dolphins were killed off the Faroes Islands, a total of 8’774 whales and dolphins.

This has to end. Sign our petition.

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