Icelandic Whaling Continues to Make Waves at Boston Seafood Expo

One Source Proteins Supports “Don’t Buy from Icelandic Whalers” Campaign Boston, March 21st, 2017. Members of the “Don’t Buy from Icelandic Whalers” coalition have affirmed that their campaign will continue until Iceland permanently ends commercial whaling and...

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Did NATO manoeuvre cause whale stranding in Morocco?

A few days ago, on March 13th, 2017, a large-scale NATO manoeuvre called ‘Dynamic Manta’ started south of Sicily. This manoeuvre, which lasts for several days and is still ongoing, involves navy ships of 10 NATO member states and serves, among other things, as a...

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Advice to students and applicants

From time to time we receive emails from students and other candidates who apply for internships, or as field assistants. At OceanCare we have very few positions available and unfortunately we are forced to say no most of the time. However, should any position become...

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Import ban for animal trophies

Thousands of polar bears, lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and other animals, including of endangered species, are being killed every year by trophy hunters. This may jeopardise the survival of critical populations.

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Protect Antarctica

The seas around Antarctica are the most untouched ocean environment left on Earth. They are home to almost ten thousand different animal species. But humankind is encroaching even upon these remote areas, posing a number of threats.

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