In order to combat the plastic pollution crisis, reuse and refill system form an essential part in reducing plastic production and consumption, thereby tackling the problem at its root. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered some questions among consumers whether environmentally friendly reusable solutions are still safe to use, amid contrary claims by the plastic industry. What does science say about this?

At the end of June, over 125 health experts from 19 countries, including virologists, epidemiologists, emergency room doctors, and specialists in public health and food packaging safety signed onto a Health Expert Statement. Based on best available science and guidance from public health professionals, the expert’s statement notes that: «it is clear that reusable systems can be used safely by employing basic hygiene».

OceanCare has spoken to one of the respecitve experts in Switzerland – Jane Muncke, Chief Scientific Officer and Managing Director oft he Food Packaging Forum in Zurich. The key facts are captured in the following Q&A.


Health Expert Statement Addressing Safety of Reusables and COVID-19

Q&A OceanCare with Jane Muncke

News by the Food Packaging Forum on the Health Statement