Upon conclusion of the 2019 cetacean research season, Silvia Frey ends her long-standing engagement with OceanCare. She joined us in 1997 as a research associate and in 2000 took over the management of the cetacean research programme, which quickly developed into an important pillar of the organization. In her research, she went beyond whales and dolphins and also initiated studies for example on the grave impacts of plastic on the sea and its inhabitants.

As head of the Science and Education department, she established cooperation with many partner organisations, wrote scientific papers and developed valuable communication materials on topics such as microplastics and underwater noise.

Silvia Frey was also an excellent speaker and important advocate for OceanCare. She easily managed to bring her vast expertise to a wide variety of audiences and to get people excited about the marine habitat.

Over the 22 years of our collaboration, Silvia Frey has played a key role in shaping the organization and has made a major contribution to OceanCare’s current orientation and reputation. We will miss her and thank her for everything she has done for OceanCare during our very inspiring time together. For her future projects, in particular her newly founded association ‘Kyma sea conservation and research’ continuing the cetacean research she set up for OceanCare and has led over the last 20 years, as well as for her professional career as managing director of Animalfree Research and her private life, we wish Silvia Frey all the best, happiness and success.