Rescue: Saving animals from plastic waste

Robbe & Plastikmüll

Saving animals from plastic waste

OceanCare has teamed up with British Divers for Marine Life Rescue BDMLR (UK), Oceans Research (South Africa), Olive Ridley Project (Maldives) and the Centre de Soins de la Faune Sauvage (France) to support the rescue of marine animals. The lives of many whales, dolphins, seals and sea turtles have been saved in recent years, many of them by being freed from plastic waste. Time and again, whales and dolphins that have stranded for unknown reasons have to been refloated and set free again. If an animal cannot be rescued, there is a responsibility to examine the cause to draw conclusions about potential dangers to its other whales and dolphins.

Currently, OceanCare focuses on the establishment and professionalisation of these rescue networks. Manuals about the correct procedures during animal rescues are being compiled and laminated for field use. Local teams receive mobile waterproof Medic Kits, which contain everything necessary for rescuing and taking care of animals in the field. The acquisition of medicine and food for the animals, which must be taken care of until they are released, is also made possible.

Another important issue is the exchange of knowledge and experience among the rescue network partners. On the one hand, OceanCare supports training courses in the different countries as well as the establishment of a Seal Alliance network, which allows the exchange and coordination of knowledge and protection measures between the different seal rescue teams in Europe.

Video: Seal rescue in UK (British Divers for Marine Life Rescue)