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I Care – my personal commitment for oceans free from plastic

Make your pledge now, how you want to
reduce your plastic consumption.

Make your pledge now, how you want to reduce your plastic consumption.

Every year, tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans – with fatal consequences for marine wildlife. Tackling plastic pollution is a matter for everyone of us. We can try every day to reduce our plastic waste. By making your pledge today to consume less single-use plastic, you make an important contribution to solving this problem. You become part of the growing I Care movement which unites dedicated people like you who want to speak up for a future without plastic pollution. Thank you very much!


Campaigns song “The Sea”

The I Care campaign is supported by German rock band ITCHY. The campaigns song “The Sea” highlights the issue of plastic waste in the oceans in a surprising way.

Competition #worstpackagingever

Whoever finds the most senseless plastic packaging and uploads a picture of it participates in the competition for a golden ticket to all club concerts by Itchy aswell as a surprise package by OceanCare:

#ICare in Mallorca

For launching the I Care campaign, OceanCare and ITCHY went to Mallorca to carry out beach cleanings, underwater clean-ups and a number of interviews with locals who are affected by plastic waste.

Did you know that…?

the average EU citizen consumes 198 plastic bags per year. With one bag weighing 20 g, this makes 3.96 kg of plastic waste.

Source: Wikipedia

annual per-capita consumption of PET bottles is 2.5 kg in Switzerland. Even by halving this, every person can save 1.25 kg of plastic waste.

Source: Amt für Gewässerschutz und Wasserbau

Swiss on average consume one single-use cup per day. Changing this would save 4.015 kg of plastic waste per person per year.

Source: umweltnetz-schweiz.ch

500 plastic straws are being consumed per year by the average German.

Source: nachhaltigwissen.de

cosmetic packages with microplastic on average contain 200’000 particles. Consuming 25 packages a year means that 5 million microplastic particles enter the wastewater.

Source: 5 Gyres

in one load of laundry, 2 million plastic microfibres can loosen from clothing. Washing bags can retain 104 million of microfibres per year

Source: Deutsche Meeresstiftung