Sealing in Canada

Robbe im Schnee

Resistance against Canada’s sealing

Since 1996, the east coast of Canada has continued to host the biggest annual massacre of marine mammals. Every year, the Canadian government permits the killing of hundreds of thousands of harp seals – this is despite the fact that there is an increasing lack of pack ice along Canada’s east coast and many mother seals are forced to give birth in the water with the result that their babies drown, also dramatically effecting their numbers.

Every spring, about 250,000 pregnant harp seals swim south from the Arctic Ocean to Canada to give birth to their young. The Canadian government allows the killing of more than 300,000 seals a year. The sealers prefer to kill pups shortly before they change their coat which would enable them to swim. It is difficult to enforce Canadian law on the method animals should be killed in the vast hunting areas. Gross violations are therefore frequently observed and documented but – to date – not punished.

Since 2003, OceanCare has distributed more than half a million protest postcards directed to the Canadian embassy. The Canadian government however has turned out to be immune to public opinion – but at least not against political action.