Sea turtle rescue in the Maldives


Rescue, medical care, rehabilitation and protection

Since 2018, OceanCare has been supporting the Olive Ridley Project (ORP), which works to protect the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtle and other marine animals in the Maldives. One of the worst problems here are ghost nets, which are disposed of or lost by fishermen. Sea turtles get entangled in the lines and suffer injuries or even death.

The Olive Ridley Project is well established in the archipelago. Their rescue workers are called quickly in cases of emergency. They care for the turtles directly on site or hospitalise severely injured animals in their rescue centre, where they undergo surgery and get the best medical treatment by well-trained veterinarians such as Dr. Claire Petros. Once the animals are healthy and strong again, they are released into the wild. Dr. Petros is currently setting up an international Sea Turtle Rescue Alliance to facilitate the exchange of knowledge of successful methods of treatment. This ensures that sea turtles around the globe receive the best possible care.

In addition to caring for injured turtles and removing ghost nets from the sea, the Olive Ridley Project also raises public awareness of the need to protect these fascinating animals.