There is a commitment by the Member States of the European Union to achieve clean and healthy seas by the year 2020. This objective has been adopted via a Directive in 2008. Ten years later we know that governments will fail. It is again up to the civil society to remind governments about their obligations and commitment to achieve this passionate and incredibly important goal.

OceanCare is partner and member of Seas at Risk who acts as a kind of umbrella organisation in Brussels coordinating efforts to represent the views of millions within the European Union decision making process to protect our oceans.

Throughout the coming months we will take action at different points in time to remind governments of their commitment, focusing on five important threats to our seas and ocean: overfishing, plastics, noise pollution, intensive farming and chemical pollution. OceanCare will support and work closely with Seas at Risk to make European water a better place for wildlife and people. While our focus will be on reducing noise levels in the ocean as well as promoting #ICare – a more sustainable lifestyle to reduce plastic entry into the oceans – , we give overall support to this important campaign. Join our movement to save #OurBlueLung and #ICare

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Learn more about the specific call by our coalition on EU Member State governments and the 20 measures we urge them to implement to achieve clean and healthy seas by 2020.