A new article about ocean noise, published this February in the scientific journal SCIENCE, has been widely picked up by media, such as the New York Times, the BBC, The Guardian, etc. The article addresses the sources, generating noise in the ocean. It points out the fact, that noise has been continuously increasing over the last decades and describes the negative impacts on marine animals.

The article is an important contribution to the ongoing discussion about the need to prevent, mitigate and reduce ocean noise. It also strengthens the call for regional, national and international measures to reduce noise pollution in the oceans. However, the article contains a number of shortcomings, among others, the way the problem of ocean noise is addressed within international fora. According to OceanCare, this has not been reflected adequately. The authors miss the point about why measures to reduce noise in the ocean are not properly implemented, neither on regional, national nor international levels. The OceanCare Team has contacted the authors, expressing their concerns in this letter.