The global climate emergency forces us to leave the era of fossil fuels as soon as possible. That is the only responsible way to act. Facing climate change responsibly means accepting the need to rapidly adopt wide-ranging measures to avoid the worst consequences of our unhealthy dependence on fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) which are the main causes of global warming. We need an immediate global ban on fossil fuel exploration and an urgent phase out of existing exploitation concessions. For years, OceanCare works intensively to ban hydrocarbon exploration and make States to agree a plan to phase out existing drilling platforms in full support towards a complete transition of the energy sector. This would be a significant action to protect the ocean and marine life, too, including the extremely loud noise. Therefore, OceanCare fully supports the open letter “Nobel Laureates’ Statement to Climate Summit World Leaders: Stop Fossil Fuel Expansion” sent to the Prime Ministers participating in the Leaders’ Climate Summit, hosted by the US President Biden and to be held April 22, Earth’s Day, and the 23rd.

The full letter can be read here