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Non-Profit Status & Transparency

OceanCare is a non-governmental organisation. OceanCare operates independently of all political parties and governments as well as economic or religious interest groups. OceanCare’s work is funded by benefactors, donors, members, charitable foundations and legacies.

Since 1996, OceanCare has been recognised as a charitable organisation and as particularly worthy of support by the Cantonal Financial Directorates and the Swiss Federal Tax Administration. Donations to OceanCare are tax-deductible in Switzerland. The organisation issues donation receipts covering domestic or foreign contributions.

OceanCare gives a high priority to care, efficiency and compliance with ethical standards in using the entrusted donations. More than 85 percent of the funds we receive are directly invested in our work within international fora, urgent conservation projects, as well as campaigns, outreach and education work. This is brought about by focused project strategies, a lean organisational structure and efficient administration.

The General Meeting is OceanCare’s supervisory body. Additionally, OceanCare is inspected by an independent Statutory Auditor, registered with the Federal Audit Oversight Authority. OceanCare’s Steering Committee works unsalaried. No attendance fees are paid. Two members of the Steering Committee and/or the management sign collectively (four-eye principle).

OceanCare reports on our activities through our Annual Report, our website, the semi-annual magazine “Wissen” and the quarterly publication “Fokus”, as well as via monthly electronic newsletters and on a daily basis on social media.

Personnel Structure (as at 2021)

In Switzerland, eleven staff members cover a total of 8.25 FTEs (full-time equivalents). In addition, OceanCare employs project-specific freelancers and consultants abroad.

Origin and allocation of funds

OceanCare publishes the Annual Financial Statements in the Annual Report. OceanCare subjects expenses to strict control mechanisms and constantly monitors effectivity. The organisation does not have an advertising budget. Reports and filler advertisements are published by media and publishers at no charge.


OceanCare is independent of and not related to other organisations under company law. However, OceanCare works closely with other organisations, domestically and abroad, to effectively promote ocean and wildlife protection.

Commercial Register entry

OceanCare is recorded in the Swiss Commercial Register under the number CH-109.840.751.

Data privacy

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Data protection
We, OceanCare (Club seat: Switzerland), process personal data for the operation of this website only to the extent technically necessary. All details in our privacy policy.
Data protection
We, OceanCare (Club seat: Switzerland), process personal data for the operation of this website only to the extent technically necessary. All details in our privacy policy.