During a 90-day survey in 2019 in cooperation with our partner organisation Save the Med Foundation in the waters of the Cabrera National Park (near the island of Mallorca), 122 Ghost FADs (floating fishing gear such as nets and fishing lines) have been recovered. These Ghost FADs pose a serious threat for marine animals (such as turtles, dolphins, fish and seabirds) who can get trapped.

In view of the alarming situation, OceanCare has jointly with the Save the Med Foundation and the Global Ghost Gear Initiative informedthe General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean. We welcomed the voluntary Guidelines for the marking of fishing gear, but pointed out the need for a waste management infrastructure in the ports, where fisheremen can dispose of old and defect nets. We have also encouraged to coordinate the retrieval of ghost gear with local fishermen.

We can all help to improve the situation in the seas. OceanCare recommends to refrain from consuming fish and sea food, or to reduce the consumption to one fish meal per month.