Several media reported, that Syrias chemical waepons will be destroyed at sea:

wn.com: Syria chemical weapons to be destroyed at sea; spiegel.de: Brisanter Auftrag: US-Spezialschiff soll syrische Chemiewaffen vernichten; http://de.ria.ru:
US-Spezialschiff zur Vernichtung syrischer C-Waffen kommende Woche im Mittelmeer erwartet,
OPCW bestätigt Hilfspläne Russlands und der NATO bei Entsorgung syrischer C-Waffen

OceanCare today adressed the following concern to:

  • the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
  • the NATO

“It came to our attention that Syria’s chemical weapons could be processed and destroyed out at sea.

On behalf of our members and supporters we would like to raise our serious concerns about the plans to eliminate the toxic arsenal at sea in general and in the Mediterranean Sea in particular.

We understand that there is serious uncertainty about the consequences and that in fact all is known is that it is technically feasible. But since it concerns 1,300 metric tons of sarin, mustard gas and most deadliest material which after press articles shall be shipped out to the high sea we call on you to be extremely cautious.

A healthy ocean is essential to sustaining life on Earth. However, the Seas are under huge pressure already by shipping, oil and gas exploration, fishing, all kind of pollution (chemical, plastic and noise) and from climate change. Scientific assessments reveal that the loss of marine biodiversity is increasingly harming the ocean’s ability to provide food, maintain water quality, and recover from adverse impacts.

Therefore we urge you to refrain from destroying the chemical weapons at sea and find another solution which is not harmful to marine life.”