OceanCare seeks to collaborate with strong deep sea mining partners whose values and goals are aligned with OceanCare. Therefore, OceanCare has joined the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) as of the beginning of March 2021.

The DSCC was founded in 2004 in response to concerns about the harmful effects of deep-sea bottom trawling. The DSCC now has three areas of focus: Deep-sea mining, deep-sea fisheries, and ocean policy and regulatory frameworks.

Today more than 80 non-government organizations, fishers organizations and law and policy institutes worldwide are working together under the umbrella of the DSCC to protect vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems. We have two main goals:

  • To substantially reduce the greatest threats to life in the deep sea;
  • To safeguard the long-term health, integrity and resilience of deep-sea ecosystems.

OceanCare joined this coalition with the goal of supporting the moratorium on deep-sea mining and joining forces to work towards globally binding and comprehensive regulations to protect the marine environment. With our expertise in underwater noise, we support the coalition’s efforts to address the risks of human activities in the deep sea.