PlastikpostWatch this video of a Norwegian fisherman’s desperate account of the harmful effects of airguns used during seismic surveys to the fishing industry followed by an urgent public appeal to set an end to the environmentally destructing practice.

Fish catch rates dropted by 60%. Even three years after the last seismic survey fish didn’t come back to the area. Bjørnar Nicolaisen, the secretary of Norwegian fishermen’s union Andøy Fiskarlag said that he feels sorry for all the fishermen in the area, because they’ve not been aware of the consequences of seismic activities.

Seismic surveys are of great concern, but fish are not the only ones suffering the consequences. Concerns are raised about the whole marine diversity, including marine mammals, fish and others. It’s a perpetuating cycle with no winners. Change is needed to save the fragile marine life.

Make an end to the use of airguns within seismic surveys, alternatives existst: