Dolphin Biology & Conservation is a new framework created in 2011 with the intent of protecting marine biodiversity, with emphasis on the Mediterranean Sea. The team is composed of biologists, fisheries experts and marine conservation professionals who have been conducting research and other endeavours to preserve marine biodiversity and reduce human impacts on cetaceans. Their aim is to contribute tools that can inform management action and support conservation efforts. They co-authored more than 300 scientific publications (including 120+ articles published in refereed journals) as well as digital media and a few books.

A comprehensive overview of the impressive work done by Dolphin Biology & Conservation team members over the past decades can be found at www.dolphinbiology.org, where one can also enjoy photo albums, digital booklets, videos and other resources. Dolphin Biology & Conservation enjoys a solid partnership with OceanCare, with a long-running collaboration among members of the two organizations.