International campaign against ocean noise pollution

Emergency call from Ibiza

Oil companies want to search for oil in the sea around Ibiza and its neighbouring islands – using unimaginably loud airguns. But this noise is deadly to whales, dolphins and fish! Please help to protect marine animals now

Send your letter of protest to the Spanish government now

Honourable Minister!
The waters around Ibiza and its neighbouring islands are a natural paradise. I am extremely concerned about plans to search for oil in this sensitive habitat. Oil exploration would involve extremely loud airguns. This noise is deadly to marine animals!
I call on the Spanish government to ensure the following when exploring resources:
  • Prior to any authorization of oil explorations, comprehensive environmental impact assessments have to be carried out.
  • Marine protected areas are absolute no-go areas for oil and gas exploration.
  • There have to be management plans for all scenarios of risks and hazards.
  • Less noisy oil exploration technologies have to be made mandatory. 
I expect the Spanish government to take the necessary steps to protect marine animals from noise in the best possible way

Please send me updates on your campaigns.
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